Two-Way Call with High Definition Audio
With LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) & 3D Circuit Loading technology,
you can communicate with your child clearly whenever & wherever you are.
* imoo Watch Phone supports Nano SIM Card. The signal will be varied depending on the carrier's network environment.

Accurate Locating

Supporting Satellite-GPS, Base Station (BS),
Wi-Fi, Acceleration Sensors, and A-GPS

Navigating to Child's Location

When the child disappears in sight, do not worry!
Open the imoo APP on your phone, find the
navigation function and you can find your child easily.

Movement Status Monitoring

You will also be able to monitor your child's
movement status through the imoo APP when
your child wears an imoo Watch Phone.

Class Mode

When your kids wear imoo Watch Phones at school, there is no need worrying about kids playing with imoo Watch Phone during class.

Set a schedule for your kids through our application. During class, kids can only use imoo Watch Phone to see what time it is. After school, kids are allowed to use other functions of imoo Watch Phone.

Family Group Chat

imoo application will automatically form a family group for you and your children. And other family members can be added into the group through imoo application. The members can chat with each other and send voice/text messages in the group.

Make Friends

"Bump" your watch phone with one another and make friends with imoo Watch Phone. Calls and voice messages can be sent between two friends.

Swimming Water-Resistance

IPX8 Water-Resistance

With qualified water-resistant material,
imoo Watch Phone Z5 can be used in 20m depth of water.
Kids can wear imoo Watch Phone when swimming or during water activities.

Soaking Reminder

When the watch is submerged in water, the watch screen will light up to notify the child is playing in water, and the parents will receive the immersed warning through the imoo application on their phone.

New Breakthrough

Advanced Technology for Water-Resistance

It has always been a problem for digital devices in terms of water-resistance, especially for deep water-resistance.
As a wearable device on children’s wrists, it is inevitable that the wearable will be in contact with water. Hence the imoo Watch Phone must be water-resistant.
After a variety of testing of special components & multiple solutions, imoo finally made a new breakthrough in water-resistance.

Water-Resistant and Sound Permeable Membrane

Unique water resistance technology that forms effective waterproof protection that allows the watch phone to maintain its sound quality even after being soaked underwater.

Precise Plasma Cleaning Technology

imoo successfully created a seamless fused surface by activating the surface structure of active molecules, ensuring the consistency of waterproof performance of millions of products.

SIM Card Water-Resistant Technology

Ultra-Long Standby,Stay Connected

imoo Watch Phone Y1 is equipped with the state-of-the-art Silicon Anode battery technology.
It has longer battery life under the same battery weight & volume category.

*The battery life reaches 165 hours.

680 mAh

Small Volume

Large Capacity

Chip Power Mangement

Charging Protection


Security Protection

Tailored Design with
12.98mm Ultra Thin for
Maximum Comfort


The thickness of watch body is only 12.98mm, which makes the device light and comfortable to wear.

Tailored Size

Based on the data of hundreds of thousands of children's wrists, the watch band is specially designed with customized materials, which provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Stylish Design and Comfortable Material

The watch band of Y1 is customized with "honeycomb" design. Combined with Dow Corning TPSIV soft rubber, the band is soft, flexible and suitable for children's wrists.

Bank-Grade Security Technology

Over 100 Million Investment on Locating Server


Over 1,000 Servers
Around the World

Security Technology

Strange Calls


Keeping track of your child’s daily steps. Let them grow healthy & sound through fun of sports independently or with friends.

More Functions, More Convenience

With More Fun, With More Convenience


Reject Strange Call

Reserved Emergency Power

Alarm Clock

Represent Receive Message

Open/Close Automatically

Activity Schedule

Balance Inquiry


1. All the product pictures shown on the page are indicative and only for reference.

2. Reject Strange Call: Before using this feature, please activate the "Display Caller ID".

3. Y1 supports Nano SIM card, some features will be limited due to differences of the operator services. The state of use will also be affected by the surrounding operator's network situation.

4. All the data involved on this page is sourced from the technical parameters of our design as well as test data from laboratories and suppliers. The actual situation will vary slightly depending on: the version of the software, the specific using environment, and so on.

5. 600mAh is the typical capacity.

6. Battery Life of 165 hours: the device was operated in the test environment, in full signal and normal state (temperature:20°-30 ° relative humidity: 45%-75% air pressure: 86kPa-106kPa), etc.

7. 4-Type Security Protection of the battery refers to: a safe battery, a protective charing chip, high- temperature resistant material, and a safety detector.